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Studyleave is an education focused question and answer app designed for pupils and students in the UK.

Ask any question in any subject and get an answer from students who are studying your subjects at your level. It’s quick, easy and a fun way to study.

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Studyleave is your place to learn

Studyleave is an app which lets you ask and answer any question in a subject you are studying.

  • Get the benefit of interacting with students throughout the UK, right from your iPhone or iPad
  • Receive a quick and personalised response to your question that’s more than just a textbook answer
  • Answer other students questions and sharpen your own skills, its another way to study!
  • Rated answers are sorted for better organisation in the app
  • Build up your own Q&A revision material for future reference

What others are saying...

“I love the thought of this. My english teacher is good but sometimes the best help I get is from my classmates. Studyleave sort of gives me a bigger classroom to study in.”

“I like the thought of answering lots of questions and boosting my self confidence a bit when my answers get liked!”

“It sounds good. If I can build up my own resource of questions and answers which are specific to me and my subjects, I can always refer back to it in the future. That’s pretty useful”

“Getting a personalised answer to my question from a real person definitely has its benefits over just searching the web.”

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You can add more subjects in the app later!